IT support

IT обслуживание

IT service or IT Outsourcing – Transfer of non-profile IT functions to external outsourcing company. We offer IT services for computers, servers, peripherals or can completely replace the IT department.

We are a qualified supplier in the field of IT services, IT outsourcing of information technology, business automation and software development.


Advantages of working with us

First of all, economic benefits. Using our IT services, you from the very beginning receive significant advantages in the market, the main of which are:

  • We do not forget about your requests. All applications from you will be registered, tracked and updated in our HelpDesk system. Registration of applications is made by phone, Skype, via e-mail or through the site
  • Quick response to requests – Remote administration allows you to solve most problems within 10-30 minutes. And visiting specialists will quickly reach you from the city center if necessary;
  • We have experience working with foreign companies. And we know what are policies, quality standards and procedures. Also we can organize DR site and BCP testing;
  • Reduction of the wage fund – due to the lack of need for payment of taxes from wages, provision of health insurance, hospital and vacation payments, etc .;
  • Absence of costs for the organization of workplaces (each staff member of the technical department requires a table, chair, several square meters of office space, computer, telephone, Internet, etc.);
  • We have VAT;
  • You do not depend on the IT specialist. His illness or dismissal will no longer affect the performance of your company;
  • IT department instead of IT specialists – there are no all-knowing specialists, and we offer you a ready department with IT specialists of different profiles.

How we do it

At the very beginning, the office of the potential client is visited by the engineer of our company. He makes expertise of the information infrastructure and its condition. The engineer determines the scope and nature of the system configuration work, the amount of scheduled IT maintenance work, predicts the number and nature of the alleged non-emergency situations. Based on the examination data, we are developing a commercial proposal containing several support options – from the minimum (and, therefore, the cheapest) to the optimal (and most expensive). With our help, our future partner chooses the most interesting package for IT service support.

We provide the following services:

  • Hotline support;
  • Remote administration of client equipment;
  • Monitoring equipment and Internet connections;
  • Legalization of the Software;
  • Install, support and update the software (the software is not included in the cost of the package);
  • Installation, configuration and support of various servers (mail, file, gateway, proxy);
  • Designing or reorganizing IT infrastructure;
  • Departure to the client’s office for a certain amount of time for scheduled and emergency work. (Time can be distributed evenly throughout the month, for example, one hour twice a week, plus several hours a month for unscheduled departures.) Special prices for work carried out During the time out included in the package);
  • Solutions to improve the security of the information system;
  • Installation of backup system;
  • Implementing security procedures and policies;
  • And much more.