Server support

The server is like a core of your IT infrastructure, and server maintenance is very important part of IT support. If there are no proper functioning server, you will impact a lot of problems like a wasting time and information , you and your staff will be nervous about this.

If you will be order our complex Servicing of servers, we will:

  • Help you to configure your Server
  • Install the backup system for it
  • Provide Archive and data backup
  • Make the opportunity to continue the activities of the company in the event of a fire or flood in main office
  • Connect and configure the branch network and remote access
  • Will accelerate the work of 1C program
  • Provide server replacement
  • Optimize the load on servers using virtualization.

You can choose a server services on a monthly basis, as part of the service IT support, and in the form of a single service. Single order for service and server configuration will help you to eliminate sudden problems, restore and service “vital activity” of the firm.

With Servicing of servers we also provide the following services: 

  • Install and configure operating system like MS Windows Server, Linux;
  • Optimize for high performance
  • Connecting and configuring the hardware (RAID, storage, UPS, etc.)
  • Install operating system updates and services
  • Legalization of software
  • Configure backup
  • Performance monitoring
  • Installing anti-virus protection on the server
  • Data recovery
  • Service works

We will Help you configure and manage the following server:

  • File server
  • Active Directory domain controller (Windows, Linux, Samba4)
  • 1C server (MS SQL, PostgreSQL, file)
  • Proxy Server
  • Virtualization (VMWare, Xen, KVM)
  • IP telephone system and many other