The goal of any business is a profit. But if there is a fire, flood or other force majeure situation will your business be able to resist? Without a plan and preliminary training, you may be able to restore its work in a week, but it will be a great loss of data, profits, customers, reputation and stagnation.

To solve such kind of problems, there are exist some IT politics:

  • BCP – Business continuity planning
  • DR – Disaster recovery

There are several approaches to reserving IT systems within of BCP DR:

Load balancing is geographically distributed services, if one point is disabled, the second one continues to work. These are the so-called continuous solutions

Full, Enhanced and Basic DR are high availability applications.

  • The Basic class is a recovery from a backup (from several minutes to 1 day)
  • Enhanced is no longer a backup, but a synchronous replication
  • Full is a replication to a completely ready system that you can switch to in seconds.

Best Endeavors – a class that presupposes the availability of the selected and pre-installed equipment. Recovery from a few hours to 2 days.

We are ready to develop policies for BCP, DR for you (Load balancing; Full, Enhanced and Basic DR; Best Endeavors)

  • Provide their periodic testing
  • Modify them according to changes in your business and IT infrastructure
  • Keep your backups (on media or on the BackUp server)
  • Provide a backup center (DR-site)
  • Host “cold” copies of your servers and restore data to them if necessary; (Best Endeavours, Basic DR)