Service Level Agreement

We are offering you  SLA package that means providing the “service level agreement” is a term denoting a formal contract between the customer and its services by the provider that contains the description of the service, the rights and obligations of the parties and, most importantly, a consistent level of quality in the provision of this service.

At first time the engineer of our company will visit our potential client’s office. He makes the examination of information infrastructure and its condition. Our engineer together with the client determines the list of IT services in the company and their degree of criticality. This list is compiled on the basis of the SLA, according to IT prescribed deadlines and time to solve problems. Also, in the  first month we will provide you a plan for improving IT infrastructure which will reduce the indicators fixed in the agreement SLA .

With servicing server SLA, we also provide the following services: 

  • Servicing of computers
  • Servicing of servers
  • Legalization of Software
  • Configure backup
  • Testing your restore plan DR
  • Performance monitoring
  • Installing anti-virus protection
  • Data recovery
  • Service works